Do you Know your Stacklr score?

Jodi Schneider (formerly Bailey-Gill), founder of The Experts Bench, Oskcar, CPRi and Stacklr, is a leader in the marketing staffing and managed solutions sector, forging staffing solutions to technology-enabled marketing. In a CNBC interview, as CEO of CPRi, Jodi forecast:

“Marketers will become as adept at technology as they are branding.”

Prior to launching VC-backed CPRi, she participated in a successful IPO as ARC’s Marketing VP and was previously in P&G’s MDP program. A graduate of CMU with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Marketing and Business, Jodi has also completed executive programs with Stanford, Harvard, UCLA, Northwestern, University of Washington, Dartmouth and Notre Dame.


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Teb is all about talented people.  Helping companies with the right mix of talents at any given time.  There is a purity in that constant aspiration.  Age, race, gender, sexual orientation are never at issue.  Just talent and expertise.  (Okay, communication and collaboration skills matter too.)  I am proud to be part of a community that relies on diversity. And while I support and applaud the voice for change against any individual who believes in their heart that there is a superior ethnicity, gender, generation, or sexual orientation, Mandela’s words ring true, “One of the most difficult things is not to change society – but to change yourself”

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For twenty years The Experts Bench (Teb) has engaged Experts to work alongside client teams on projects and long-term managed solutions. Clients rely on Teb primarily for talent within marketing, martech, and data-driven CX skillsets. Teb serves those staffing needs with Interim Staffing, Managed Solutions, and Placement, leveraging unique assessment methodologies, including Stacklr martech talent scoring, to deliver the best retention results in the industry.