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The Experts Bench was founded to be a resource for expert marketers and the organizations they support. This is TEB’s passion and nobody is in a better position to offer the services and know-how today’s marketing clients need. Marketing moves fast and expertise in areas of changing marketing technology is in constant demand.

Focus On Execution: S/He who executes well, wins. TEB Hires marketing professionals who not only have the know-how, but have deep experience in the required area of marketing you need. They may be strategic but their focus for you is executing. That’s a speed-2-market differentiator.

Tool-Agnostic: TEB works with a variety of marketing automation software. We know their strengths and capabilities and train our consultants on the very latest features and how to use them. Our only goal is the success of your programs and we recommend tools that will work best for you, not us.

We don’t just find skilled staff, we create them: It’s not easy to find skilled professionals with expertise in tools and techniques that didn’t even exist a few years ago. So where there’s a keen shortage of talent with the right skills, we provide our consultants with training in state-of-the-art tools and best-practices so they’re ready to take on the most critical marketing automation challenges. Yours.

Thought Leadership: In our popular 30 with the Experts webinars, Jodi Gill – our founder and CEO – speaks with experts in the areas that matter most to marketers. Attend one and you’ll discover a wealth of ideas you can use to help push your organization’s marketing to the next level. What they say is true. Experience really is the best teacher.