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The Experts Bench was founded to be a resource for expert marketers and the organizations they support. This is TEB’s passion and nobody is in a better position to offer the services and know-how today’s marketing clients need. Marketing moves fast and expertise in areas of changing marketing technology is in constant demand.

Focus On Execution: He who executes well, wins. TEB Hires data scientists who not only have the know-how, but have deep experience in the required area of marketing you need. They may be strategic but their focus for you is executing now. That’s a speed-2-market differentiator. Big Data Roles, Programs, & Projects

Thought Leadership:  In our popular 30 with the Experts webinars, Jodi Gill – our founder and CEO – speaks with experts in the areas that matter most to marketers. Attend one and you’ll discover a wealth of ideas you can use to help push your organization’s marketing to the next level. What they say is true. Experience really is the best teacher.

For example, in a recent 30 with the Experts webinar entitled “Big Data and Marketing,” attendees learned the following:

Three best practices from a Big Data Expert:

  1. ​​Clearly define your Big Data strategy for marketing
  2. Align divisions across your organization
  3. Assign rules and responsibilities; make sure everybody is very clear on who’s doing what to use Big Data effectively for marketing